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           Battery chargers have been our primary field of activity since 1990. Back then it was not economically feasible to use micro controllers in battery chargers for power tools. This is a mass market with 100K pieces and more per product per year. It is therefore extremely cost sensitive.
           Shortly after the appearance of the Microchip 16C54 device, I was convinced, that this was the key to breaking the old barriers. Due to the high speed RISC architecture the controller was able to perform all the necessary control tasks while handling a much better charge control algorithm. These improvements lead to a longer battery life and greater customer satisfaction at competitive prices.
           The new technology was named and later trademarked as GIM technology. The first chargers were 1.5 amp nickel cadmium battery chargers. But our technology became more and more advanced with a large variety of products. We offer power tool chargers with only 10 minutes full charge time and power outputs up to 300 Watts.