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  •           The following description refers to a former product of ours that is not produced anymore. If you are interested in producing this or a revised product please contact us.
  • New: Maximum Power Point (MPP) controlled charging for up to 25% more efficiency.
  • New: Real charge balancing, accounting for inflow and outflow of current for optimal battery status control.
  • Overdischarge protection with up to 30 amps load current.
  • Dot-matrix LCD for detailed status display.
  • Highly efficient DC-DC technology.
  • Minimum quiescent supply current.

        High-tech solar battery charger for solar systems up to 350 W peak solar panel power. The battery charging is temperature controlled, further employing the I/U characteristic. Optimum charge to 100% capacity is accomplished. The MPP-control converts the solar panel impedance to the battery voltage, so that optimum power yield is guarantied The charging current can be up to 25% higher compared to standard chargers.
        The controller enhances battery lifetime with overdischarge protection and by forcing an equalizing charge every 7 weeks to fully charge all the battery cells. Charging and discharging current is not only informatively displayed but also integrated to allow a true gauge capacity display. The design features a Microchip PIC 16C56 controller and Burr-Brown high precision operating amplifiers. The manufacturer is TCE, the device is sold by Mükra electronics.

Technical Data

  • Module power 40-350W 25 amp max. solar current > 100W for MPP efficiency recommended
  • Sealed or unsealed lead acid batteries 12V/36 .. 1000 Amp hours [AH]
  • Temperature controlled charging
  • Equalizing charge every 7 weeks
  • Overdischarge protection load current dependent between 9.0 .. 100V, 30 amps max.
  • Overvoltage protection
  • MPP-control with input voltages between 13 and 25 volts
  • MPP DC-DC converter efficiency over 90%
  • Battery saving sleep mode during no load/no charge conditions
  • LCD dot-matrix display with 16*2 characters. Display:
  • Constantly: Stored solar battery power in Amp hours
  • Intermittently:
  • Battery temperature (-30 .. 90 °C)
  • Battery voltage (9 .. 25.5V)
  • Battery current (-30 .. 25.5A)
  • Load current (0 .. 30 A)
  • Electronic and conventional fuses for circuit protection